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Chakras and Astral Traveling

Chakras and Astral Traveling

From the time I was in early elementary until well into my late middle school years, I would literally fear going to sleep. I used to dread bedtime because something would happen to me that I did not understand. I am not sure if I ever told my mom or not about this as it was happening, but I was sure that there were ghosts in my room tormenting me. I would start to fall asleep and dream (or I thought I was dreaming) that my head was stuck in the corner of my room. I could actually feel it in the corner, and I knew that I was in my room at the ceiling.

While there, I would start hearing my name being called by many voices at the same time. The odd thing about the voices, they all sounded like my voice. I would jerk myself awake, frightened and crying. This was very scary for a young child. I was always sleep deprived because of this. I would make myself stay awake as long as possible and then I could not go back to sleep after this would happen. I had this event almost every night for several years.

Gradually, it went away and I was able to sleep. When I started learning about Reiki, we also learned about the Chakras and where they are located and what they do. There are seven main Chakras that govern our body functions, our spiritual connections and energy levels. When any of these are blocked or sluggish, we feel it in our health, physical and mental or emotional. Plus, this does not allow us to fully send energy in or out.

I was reading an article one day, and I did try to find it again and couldn’t, on the Chakras, and this article mentioned Astral Traveling or Projection. I wasn’t sure what that really meant, so I researched it. That is when you are able to leave your body and visit other places, either on this plane or another. I know it sounds weird, but the more I read about this the more I began to associate with this phenomenon. What I discovered was that when I would “dream” about my head being stuck in the corner of my room, I was actually out of my body and in the corner of my room. I would panic and not let myself leave. I would begin to call myself back. Every time that I would lie in bed and pray and cry that I would not have this “dream”, I was closing off my chakras a little more until eventually I stopped having the experience.

Now when I started practicing Reiki, and even today, I sometimes have a hard time allowing my Chakras to fully open. It is essential to have them fully open to properly offer Reiki. By the way, everyone is able to have an Out of Body experience, and probably have. Most people just think they are dreaming of the place they are visiting. Remember, we are free moving souls made up of energy. Our body is just our “housing” for our souls. Pay attention to your dreams and see if they seem too real to be made up.

Remember, keep a dream journal by your bed and record your dreams every time you awaken and pay attention to any patterns that emerge.

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