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Reiki is the exchange of energy from the Reiki Master to the client.

Together, we retrain your inner self to heal emotionally, physically and mentally.

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  • Reiki and the Chakras

    Reiki and the Chakras

    The Crown Chakra is located on the top of the head near the crown. This chakra is associated with the pineal gland. This chakra also allows connection to our spirit…

  • Chakras and Astral Traveling

    Chakras and Astral Traveling

    From the time I was in early elementary until well into my late middle school years, I would literally fear going to sleep. I used to dread bedtime because something…

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  • I had never experienced true Reiki until I met Amonda Ashwood. I was telling her of some issues I was having and she suggested a session. The stress and anxiety of everyday life melt away with the soothing music and the atmosphere of the room. You can feel the warm energy from her hands, as you relax and close your eyes. It is truly a spiritual connection and journey for me. Also, meditation and reflection; something our busy schedule keeps us from doing for ourselves. The room has low lighting, but you feel a bright light warm your soul. She is truly gifted, connected and is a healer. I am looking forward to yet another session with her! Something special always happens!

    Debbie , Happy Client

  • Working with Amonda has been incredible. Her energy work has fixed many of the imbalances I had. I always leave there feeling a warm, calming energy!

    Michael , Happy Client